Performance dates & times

Sunday 24 Jun
11:00 AM
Sunday 29 Jul
11:00 AM
Sunday 26 Aug
11:00 AM
Sunday 16 Sep
11:00 AM
Sunday 7 Oct
11:00 AM
Sunday 11 Nov
11:00 AM

Running Time 6 x 2 hour workshops

Price range


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Arts and culture collide in this series of workshops for passionate young people with ideas.

In a heady mix of political content and artistic forms, participants will respond to exciting provocations to work out their stance on hot topic issues. What is the role of the young person in shaping our world? What do you have to offer as a child? Can citizenship start now?

The material created will feed into future iterations of The Children’s Party, showcasing the powerful perspectives of children.

Engage in brainstorming, research, physical theatre, storytelling, speech making, discussion, problem solving, performance and presentation.

Join us in these electric think tank sessions to add your voice to the conversation!

About the artists

Alex Walker
Alex Walker is a youth arts practitioner focusing on making live art with a cross-section of young people at the point where the spheres of children, arts, culture, and politics intersect. She works with inclusive, collaborative devising techniques that aim to frame the contributions of the young people through innovative and dynamic forms. Alex works across contexts, heavily invested in carving out a place for the voice and position of the young person to have an impact on their environment and community. In 2016 Alex founded House of Muchness (HOM) which is a centre of artistic practices for the creative wellbeing of young people. At HOM, she has established a culture which breeds safe, creative risk-taking and artistic experimentation. She uses arts processes to arrive at new material which reveals the contemporary condition of young people and their complex relationship with the world.

Ben Landau
Ben Landau’s practice spans art and design. He uses design research to analyse systems, and artistic methodologies to tamper with them. Ben constructs experiences, objects and performances which are interactive or invite the audience to participate. His actions deconstruct social, political and cultural assumptions to spur agency within the audience. Ben’s critical incursions onto the status quo analyse reliance on existing systems. He wears masks to camouflage himself in everyday situations, and uses hacking, detournement and satire to break from accepted norms.