The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time

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‘A beautiful, dazzlingly inventive show about the wonders of life.’

- Evening Standard

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-Time

Australian Premiere | Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Theatre Company
A new play by Simon Stephens. Based on the novel by Mark Haddon.

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Fifteen-year-old Christopher Boone has an extraordinary brain – exceptional at maths, while ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. He has never ventured alone beyond the end of his road, he detests being touched and he distrusts strangers. But his detective work, forbidden by his father, takes Christopher on a frightening journey that upturns his world.

Direct from the UK, this acclaimed National Theatre production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is the winner of five Tony Awards and seven Olivier Awards, including Best Play for both. Adapted by Simon Stephens from Mark Haddon’s international best-selling novel, this phenomenal combination of storytelling and spectacle is ingeniously brought to life by award-winning director Marianne Elliott (War Horse).

Featuring remarkable, immersive staging and a full UK cast, this Australian premiere presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and MTC is a global theatrical phenomenon that simply must not be missed.

To complement the Australian premiere season of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and to enrich audiences’ experience of this ground breaking production, an extensive Associated Program and an Arts Learning Program for Secondary Schools have been developed - the full program will be on sale on 13 November, 2017. 

Relaxed Performance – Thursday 25 January, 1pm

The Relaxed Performance is for anyone who will benefit from a more ‘relaxed’ theatre environment. Sound and lighting cues are modified to be less startling. Leaving the auditorium to take a break is fine and there is a designated Quiet Area available. There is a easy-going attitude to noise and movement, doors remain open and lights are dimmed staying on throughout the show. Preshow resources (Visual Story) are available to help you prepare for your visit and the seating capacity of the venue is reduced.

Relaxed Performance – FAQ’s

  • It can be sometimes hard to take a young person with disability to the theatre, they can be overwhelmed by the unfamiliar environment and many families worry about the reaction of others in the audience.

    A Relaxed Performance is one of the ways Arts Centre Melbourne presents theatre that is welcoming for everyone. It is a way audiences and families can enjoy theatre together, in an environment that has been carefully adapted and embraces all reactions.

    Relaxed shows include the following:

    • noise and movement during the performance is expected from the audience
    • Leaving the auditorium to take a break is fine
    • there is a designated quiet area for people to relax in, before or during the show
    • Trained ushers are available to offer assistance
    • The theatre doors remain open and lights are dimmed, staying on throughout the show.

    We focus on modifying the sensory environment and provide a range of pre-show resources to help you prepare for your visit (a Visual Story, examples of the music performed, a video clip to watch before the show, and Frequently Asked Questions).

  • A relaxed performance is the same show but there are some small changes. These changes are made in order to eliminate surprise and reduce anxiety levels. Specifically for Curious, house lights will be up, sound and lighting cues will be modified, strobe lighting has been removed and doors will be open for people to come and go as they wish.

    There is a lot of music and different sound effects used throughout the performance, which will be made quieter however it can still be quite noisy for some people. Included here are links to some of the music tracks so you can hear what the soundtrack is like.

    Curious Audio file link

    Please note: This is a General Admission performance meaning you can choose where you would like to sit in the auditorium. Doors will open approximately 30 minutes before the show starts.

  • General Admission means that you can choose where you would like to sit in the Auditorium.

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is recommended for ages 11+. Please see below for content warnings.

    All family members are most welcome to come along to the relaxed performance, so that you can enjoy the experience together. We encourage all families to speak with our staff in order to make further decisions about age suitability and guidance regarding the content and tone of the show.

  • There are some elements of the show which could be distressing for audience members.

    • The show begins with the audience seeing a dog which has been speared by a garden fork and is dead. It is not a real dog.
    • Strong language and swearing is present throughout the play.
    • There are a few short moments of physical violence between characters where they raise their voices and get angry with each other. Characters sometimes scream and shout, and there are occasional references to adult themes such as alcohol and mild sexual references.
    • When Christopher doesn’t like something, or is feeling upset or anxious, he sometimes groans loudly.
    • Near the end of the first half of the play Christopher’s character has an extended seizure which is accompanied by heightened lighting and sound effects. He recovers and is helped to bed by his father.
    • In the second half, there is a scene in a tube station (London underground train) that has lots of bright video projections, loud noises and part of the set moves. There is also some smoke used in this scene. Christopher’s character is on the train tracks in a dangerous situation, before he is helped to safety.
      • At the end of the play, there will be a half hour question and answer session where you will be able to ask the actors any questions you have about the play. This might also be a good time to discuss anything you found upsetting.

  • Yes. There will be a designated quiet area for you to go to in the foyer of the Playhouse Theatre. The quiet area will be somewhere you can relax before the show, and where you can come and go to whenever you want during the performance, should you need to take a break. There will be comfy seating including bean bags, sensory items, and the Visual Story will be available. There will also be TV monitors in this area so that you can still see the live action as it happens on stage, but from the vantage point of this outside space. There is also a viewing room that can be used. You can return to the theatre when you are ready – staff are available to assist as required.

  • You can take your headphones and your tablet into the theatre to assist with communication. We just ask that you please inform the ushers beforehand. We also recommend that you just be mindful of the people around you whilst using a tablet, and limit its use throughout the performance so that it is not too distracting to others.

  • Doors will be open 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance, giving you plenty of time to find a seat. This is a General Admission performance meaning you can choose where you would like to sit in the auditorium.

  • Yes, we will have a number of highly trained Front of House staff available both in the foyer and in the theatre who will be able to assist you at any time.

  • Throughout the play, lots of different lights are used. There are no strobe lights. Words and pictures are projected onto the floor and on the walls, and sometimes the colour of the lights change. The set is mainly made up of diagrams and grids and has the energy and excitement of a computer game. There is quite a lot of movement and different people coming on and off stage. Please refer to the Visual Story for detailed information, including photographs of the play and descriptions of the storyline.

  • Yes, there will be a 15 minute question and answer session directly after the play with the cast and one of our ACM facilitators. You will have the opportunity to ask anything you like about what you experienced during the show.

  • The Playhouse Theatre is located in Art Centre Melbourne’s Theatres Building (the one with the spire) on Level 5. See here for a more detailed map.

  • Everyone is welcome to the Playhouse Theatre. Limited accessible seating is available for wheelchair users and their companions, as well as for people who would like to transfer to a theatre seat (from a walker or wheelchair). You can book accessibility seating via the telephone booking line 1300 182 183 – early bookings are recommended.

    Loan wheelchairs can also be booked through Concierge to assist with travel throughout the building. Please call 9281 8298 if you need assistance.

  • Arts Centre Melbourne Car Park

    All levels of the Arts Centre Melbourne Car Park are fully wheelchair accessible.

    Accessible parking bays are clearly marked and available on both levels with easy access to our theatres. Please display your valid Disabled Persons Parking Permit.
    15 spaces are on the Upper level, turn left after entry gates.
    7 spaces are on the Lower level, just after the entry gates.

    Discounts for the Valet parking service is also available for permit holders.

    The entry for Arts Centre Melbourne’s carpark is here (corner of Sturt and Kavanagh Streets)

    Street parking

    There are only 4 accessible parking spaces directly outside the front of Arts Centre Melbourne, however paid street parking may also be available along St Kilda Road.

  • Arts Centre Melbourne is located at 100 St Kilda Road, in between the National Gallery of Victoria and the Yarra River, it's a few minutes walk from Federation Square and Flinders Street Station.

    Train – A short walk from Flinders Street Station.
    Tram – Take any tram along St Kilda Road and get off at Arts Centre Melbourne, Arts Precinct Stop 14.

    For more information about public transport options please visit the website here.

  • Arts Centre Melbourne – Accessible Toilets

    Please ask venue staff for the closest accessible toilet to your location.

    The most convenient accessible toilets are located:

    • Level 7 (opposite the Pavilion)
    • Level 6 (near Café Vic)
    • Level 5 (near Box Office/on the way to/from Car Park)

    Changing Places – Accessible public toilets with full-sized change tables and hoists

    The closest Changing Place is located at Flinders Street Station here (enter postcode 3000)

Relaxed Performance Video

Visual Story

This handy document details all the wonderful things to expect at the Relaxed Performance.


Music and Sound effects are used throughout. Some examples of the music may be heard below:



11 Jan – 11 Feb

Preview Performances
Thursday 11 January, 8pm
Friday 12 January, 8pm
Saturday 13 January, 2pm

Evening Performances
Saturday 13 January, 8pm
Tuesday 16 January, 6:30pm (POST SHOW FORUM)
Wednesday 17 January, 6:30pm
Thursday 18 January, 8pm
Friday 19 January, 8pm
Saturday 20 January, 8pm
Tuesday 23 January, 6:30pm
Wednesday 24 January, 6:30pm
Thursday 25 January, 8pm
Friday 26 January, 8pm
Saturday 27 January, 8pm
Tuesday 30 January, 6:30pm (POST SHOW FORUM)
Wednesday 31 January, 6:30pm
Thursday 1 February, 8pm
Friday 2 February, 8pm
Saturday 3 February, 8pm
Tuesday 6 February, 6:30pm (AUDIO DESCRIBED PERFORMANCE)
Wednesday 7 February, 6:30pm
Thursday 8 February, 8pm
Friday 9 February, 8pm
Saturday 10 February, 8pm

Matinee Performances
Sunday 14 January, 3pm
Thursday 18 January, 1pm
Saturday 20 January, 2pm
Sunday 21 January, 3pm
Thursday 25 January, 1pm (RELAXED PERFORMANCE)
Saturday 27 January, 2pm
Sunday 28 January, 3pm
Thursday 1 February, 1pm
Saturday 3 February, 2pm (CAPTIONED PERFORMANCE)
Sunday 4 February, 3pm
Thursday 8 February, 1pm
Sunday 11 February, 3pm

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes, includes 20 minute interval




Price range

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Preview & Weekday Matinee
Premium $110
A Reserve Full $99
A Reserve Concession* $89
A Reserve Youth $59
B Reserve Full $99
B Reserve Concession* $89
B Reserve Youth $59
C Reserve Full $64
C Reserve Concession* $59
C Reserve Youth $49

Tuesday – Thursday Evenings
Premium $129
A Reserve Full $109
A Reserve Concession* $99
A Reserve Youth $65
B Reserve Full $99
B Reserve Concession* $84
B Reserve Youth $55
C Reserve Full $74
C Reserve Concession* $64
C Reserve Youth $49

Friday -Sunday performances
Premium $139
A Reserve Full $124
A Reserve Concession* $110
A Reserve Youth $69
B Reserve Full $105
B Reserve Concession* $95
B Reserve Youth $59
C Reserve Full $79
C Reserve Concession* $69
C Reserve Youth $49

*Concession includes Full-time Student & Pensioner.  Senior discount applies on Thursday matinees ONLY
Youth (Under 30)


Wheelchair AccessAssistive HearingRelaxed Performance Audio Described

This production contains strong language, the use of strobe lighting, high intensity video & light effects and loud sound effects. Recommended for ages 11+

Relaxed Performances
Relaxed Performances are for anyone who will benefit from a more 'relaxed environment', especially audience members with disability.  The doors to the theatre remain open, and sound and lighting cues may be adjusted.  There is a relaxed attitude to movement and noise and you can leave the auditorium if you need a break.  A designated quiet area is provided and a visual story is available to help prepare for your visit.  It describes the storyline, characters and coming to the venue, so that the experience is familiar and enjoyable.  The seating capacity of the venue may be reduced.

Audio Description & Tactile Tours
Audio Description enhances the live theatre experience for people who are blind or have low vision. Audio Description and Tactile Tours are available for selected performances.