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Suitability – Years 5 - 12

Learn how to make a punchy radio advertisement to promote a school event.

Short, punchy radio advertisements are often used to promote arts events and products. For this workshop, students will need to write a short script at school, which they bring with them to The Channel to create their personalised ads. They will record their own voices using a microphone, and then add sound effects and music to bring the ad to life.

Before the workshop

Before attending this workshops, students will write a short advertisement at school, no longer than 100 words (half a page), for a 30 second advertisement. They will need to bring this piece of writing to The Channel on the day of the workshop.

This workshop works particularly well if advertising a real life event. Some events students have made advertisements for include:

  • Production, Musical or Eisteddfod
  • Fete or Market
  • Voiceover for school’s on-hold or message-bank recording
  • Arts Exhibition

Students can use the Radio Ad Pro-Forma template to get started - it outlines the details that need to be included. They can then use those notes to create a script. Remember to use lots of exciting language and include a call-to-action!

During the workshop

  • Record voice using a microphone
  • Explore methods for recording and editing an advertising script
  • Learn basic sound design principles
  • Work with sound effects and music to influence and persuade

After the workshop

Student work will be made available for download after the workshop, emailed to the teacher making the booking.

Classroom Connections

Curriculum Links

Learning Areas Capabilities
The Arts Critical and Creative Thinking
English Personal and Social

Teaching Resources

Arts Ads: Radio Ads Resources

Australian Music Vault Classification Guide

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