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Maximum capacity - 50 students

Street Art Tours and Workshops run by Street Artists

Discover how Melbourne has become the world’s largest public gallery and get hands on at the famous Blender Studios.

Run by street artists, this full day, hands-on program fully immerses students in Melbourne’s street art culture. The day consists of two components:

  • Melbourne Street Art Tour: Students are guided through iconic laneways and unique public art spaces while learning about the art form and artists’ backgrounds.

  • Stencil Workshop: Inspired by Melbourne’s urban scene, students arrive at the famous Blender Studios to work with world renowned stencil artists to design their own artworks, which are then showcased on canvas.


Blender Studios has strong ties and a long history within the Melbourne Street Art scene. It is home to 30 visual artists, Melbourne Street Tours & the Dark Horse Experiment gallery. Operating since 2001, the studios have become an institution in both fine art and street art scenes of Melbourne.

  • Melbourne Recital Centre
  • Arts Centre Melbourne
  • The Channel

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