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Performance dates & times

On demand (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only, subject to availability)

Recommended start time: 10:00 AM

Running time

4 hours

1.5 hours at Koorie Heritage Trust
30 minute break
2 hours at The Channel

Price range

Per student

Minimum charge is for 15 students

Apply for a First Call Fund subsidy for this program.

SUITABILITY: Years 5 – 12

Give your students an in-depth full-day experience engaging with local Koorie history and investigating contemporary Koorie culture, culminating in a video-making project to consolidate their learning.

Starting at the Koorie Heritage Trust at Federation Square, students will be taken on the Birrarung Wilam (River Camp) Walk, learning about the significance of the Birrarung Wilam to the Wurundjeri peoples, and how the land on which the Birrarung is located has changed over time. Taking in the Aboriginal art installations and Birrarung Marr (side of the river of mists) students will be led by an experienced Koorie guide from the Trust, hearing stories that promote and celebrate continuing living Victorian Aboriginal Culture.

Following on from the walking tour, students will visit The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne, to edit together a digital story which explores some of the topics discussed on the walk. Students will use video editing software and audio equipment to narrate a short video piece, which will be made available for download after the workshop.

If you would like specific content to complement student learning in the classroom, please contact us to discuss.

Before the workshop

During the workshop

  • Learn about Wurundjeri history and culture from a local Koorie guide
  • Engage with artefacts at the Koorie Heritage Trust
  • Learn basic video editing
  • Learn about sound design, recording and editing audio

After the workshop

Student work will be made available for download after the workshop, emailed to the teacher making the booking.

Classroom Connections

Curriculum Links

Learning Areas Capabilities Cross Curriculum Priority Areas
The Arts Critical and Creative Thinking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories & cultures
English Ethical Learning about Sustainability
The Humanities Intercultural
Personal and Social
Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
History Units 3 & 4: Australian History
Indigenous Languages of Victoria: Revival and Reclamation
Extended Investigation
Creative and Digital Media

Themes and Ideas

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
  • Australian History
  • Identity
  • Country and place
  • Reconciliation
  • Wurundjeri people’s land and resource management strategies and approaches to their custodial responsibility
  • Understanding the influence of the Wurundjeri people on their environment and vice versa
  • Speaking and listening; pronunciation, spelling and meaning of words and their histories

Teacher resources

Birrarung Wilam Stories – Teacher Notes

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