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3 hours

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Minimum charge is for 15 students

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Suitability – Years 5 – 12

Combine learning about writing music with the exclusive opportunity to discover Melbourne’s very own Federation Bells.

The Federation Bells, a large musical sculpture located at Birrarung Marr along the Yarra River, was commissioned in 2001 to commemorate the centenary of Federation. Since then they have been used in many exciting music and sound design projects with composers and musicians from all over the globe. Their spectacular sound always attracts tourists and city visitors when they play three times daily.

In this exciting workshop, students will use computer software to create original compositions for the Bells, and discuss the best compositional techniques for such a unique instrument. Students will then head over to Birrarung Marr to visit the Bells and hear their compositions played live.

Before the workshop

You can find out more information about the Bells here

During the workshop

  • Learn about the Federation Bells sculpture, its history and mechanics
  • Write music for a specific, unusual, instrument
  • Use contemporary compositional tools
  • Learn about musical structure and texture
  • Walk to Federation Bells at Birrarung Marr to hear your compositions being played live

After the workshop

Student work will be made available for download after the workshop, sent via a link emailed to the teacher making the booking.

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The Arts Critical and Creative Thinking
English Personal and Social
The Humanities

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