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On demand (subject to availability)

Running Time

1.5 hours

3.5 hours, including half hour lunch break

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Per student (3.5 hr)

Minimum charge is for 15 students

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Suitability – Years 5 - 12

Learn how to turn everyday objects, such as fruit, cutlery, coins and even drawings into interactive musical instruments in this practical workshop.

Using MaKey MaKey, a simple interface between a computer and the world, students will learn how to create their own instruments, how to program sounds and create a short musical performance. This workshop is a unique opportunity for your students to combine design, technology, music and their own creativity.

Before the workshop

There is no prior knowledge required for this workshop, however you may like to introduce the idea of electric circuits to your students before coming.

During the workshop

  • Learn about using items that conduct electricity to complete a circuit to make sound
  • Create sounds using your own voice to be triggered by the MaKey MaKey
  • Use contemporary compositional tools

After the workshop

Learn more about the many and varied uses of MaKey MaKey here

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The arts Critical and Creative Thinking
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