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On demand (subject to availability)

Running Time 3 hours

Price range

Per student

Minimum charge is for 15 students

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Suitability – Years 7 – 12

In the theatre, sound and musical cues must be carefully prepared and executed with precision. 

In this session students will source and prepare sound effects and musical cues, and then learn how to trigger these elements in real time to a pre-recorded radio play. This is a unique workshop that gives students the chance to feel the tension of being a live theatre sound technician, while also creatively setting up the sound design themselves.

Student work will be available for download after the workshop.

Before the workshop

There is no prior knowledge required for this workshop.

During the workshop

  • Discuss the use of audio in film and live theatre
  • Source and prepare sound effects
  • Record new sound effects
  • Sample and trigger audio
  • Rehearse cues for performance
  • Performance of soundscape to prerecorded radio play

After the workshop

Learn more about theatre sound and lighting design software here

Classroom Connections

Curriculum Links

Learning Areas Capabilities
The Arts Critical and Creative Thinking
English Personal and Social

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