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fudge by rich
In the humble beginning Fudge by Rich was established by Nicole Street as a small venture out in Healesville in the heart of the Yarra Valley. Since this time they have grown quite significantly providing top quality fudge throughout the Yarra Valley itself and now its extensive surrounds.

Fudge by Rich hand make in small batches to ensure the highest quality and colour is maintained. “You need to have a lot of love, and time, for the art of Fudge making” Nicole says. After six years of hand making her fudge she still feels excitement in every batch as it comes to set, with the delicious aroma and beautifully silky smooth texture as it whirls around in the pot. Once poured it is left to set before each bar is individually wrapped and string tied. This method is all to ensure the highest quality, that customers have grown to love and expect, is maintained right to the end.

The product is beautifully presented giving it a very unique and rustic feel. Nicole has a very earthy style and felt that was extremely important, when deciding on packaging for the product. She wanted to maintain a striking simplicity in its presentation, but at the same time, be made from recyclable products that ensured both quality and freshness was maintained.

Product lines include; Divine Caramel, Chocolate and Macadamia, Zesty Lemon, Creamy Vanilla Bean, Divine Caramel and Pistachio, Lime and Coconut, Rum and Raisin, Raspberry and Vanilla Bean, Blueberry Fudge and Cappuccino... to name a few!

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Web: www.fudgebyrich.com.au

e: info@fudgebyrich.com.au