Arcana Pursuits

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Arcana persuits

Arcana Kaleidoscopes are handcrafted by Robert Cook and Jocelyn Teh from found and recycled materials and objects.

These artists are part of a well-documented kaleidoscope renaissance that has captured the hearts, mind and art world over the last 25 years. Working mainly in brass, copper and bronze, and frequently built around steam-punk imagery, Arcana’s constructions utilise almost anything: found objects, industrial labels, parts of machines, unique assemblies and original castings.

Every piece is absolutely unique, signed and numbered. Smaller pieces mystify and delight with their patination and imagery. The larger, more complex constructions dominate the space as both decorative, confronting and engaging objects. These constructions are not trifles but serious, sculptured, works of art.

There is a nineteenth century quality in many of Arcana’s larger sculptures. They suggest the beginning of the industrial age when machines and steam began to take over the labour of people and animals. A time of extraordinary explosion in the number of mechanical devices that were invented, confronting the world with creations never before seen, heard or imagined.

Arcana’s Constructions are featured in Galleries in the United States, Japan and Australia and are regularly purchased as corporate gifts for senior executives and consular representatives. Over the past 20 years, exhibitions have been held in many cities and countries.

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