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Natureboy hand-makes Australian bush incense cones, Australian bush sticks, mixed nuts pot pourri and Australian bush candles using where possible organic materials and/or essential oils.

With the focus exclusively on Australian scents the unique range offers an experience that is closely in tune with our natural habitat. It is often said that the sense of smell is our closest sensory link to memories.

Having said that, Natureboy's authentic incense, pot-pourri and candles are evocative souvenirs that can be both a powerful reminder of our great Australian bush or a beautiful introduction/invitation to hurry up and come and visit.

Our current scents are as follows:

Incense - (Hand-made cones)
Blue gum, lemon scented gum, Australian sandalwood, wattle, boronia

Bush Sticks - (Hand-dipped incense on an authentic twig)
Blue gum, lemon scented gum

Mixed Nuts pot-pourri - (Native flora dried and scented)
lemon scented gum

Australian Bush Candles - (Long burning soy wax candles)
Blue gum, lemon scented gum, peppermint gum, wattle, boronia