Richard Holdsworth

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Richard Holdsworth

Bombed by Adolf Hitler in 1943 and lost on the Birdsville Track in 1962. If a cat has nine lives how many does Richard Holdsworth have?

You can find out in Richard’s award winning books – Six Spoons of Sugar, the war through the eyes of a little boy and In The Hot Seat, eight years of adventure in Oz after Richard brought stud cattle and horses to Australia on the deck of a cargo ship in 1959.

Richard was evacuated from London at the start of WWII but was still caught in the conflict; siren wailing, runs desperately hand-in-hand with his Mum when the bombers struck. “Mum, where’s my Mum...?”

Years later and in the depths of a cargo hold of a ship bound for Australia Richard was confronted by a stowaway trying to get back home. “Split on me mate and I’ll slit your throat.” It was Richard’s first encounter with an Australian. Fortunately, life got better from that moment onwards. First as a stud herdsman bringing out the Supreme Champion at the Royal Adelaide Show then as a journalist covering the Outback and huge cattle and sheep sales for the Stock & Station Journal in Adelaide then The Weekly Times in Melbourne.

Richard met the great and the good, loved life, raced a Porsche and met his Aussie bride. All that and those two “lives” are covered in his books – meet Richard and his wife Heather at the Sunday Market. They will be delighted to chat and tell you more!

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