Arts for All Appeal

Much like the name suggests, Protagonist plays a lead role in creating a distinctive and memorable impression at Arts Centre Melbourne.

Protagonist is defined by striking architectural mesh, akin to a bronze curtain that is raised as the café opens in the morning and then lowered at night to signify end of service. Popular for your morning coffee fix, Protagonist serves up custom coffee blends and breakfast options including our popular jaffles and toasties.

Choose from freshly baked cakes and biscuits, for lunch options include sandwiches, wraps, salads and savoury pastries which you can enjoy in the open-air surrounds on the forecourt. Or perhaps gather some gourmet treats for a picnic in the nearby Queen Victoria Gardens.

Arts Centre Melbourne is a cashless venue accepting credit or debit card payments.


Location Address

100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am – 7:30pm*

Saturday - Sunday: 8am – 5.30pm*

*Opening and closing times are subject to weather forecasts and activities within the precinct and may change without notice.

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