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The Arts Centre Melbourne car park, owned and operated by us, is located just minutes from our theatres, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and central Melbourne, with 24-hour car parking available at competitive rates.

To welcome you back to Arts Centre Melbourne we're offering these special discounted rates for a limited time only.

Casual parking

Monday to Friday

Early Bird
Enter before 10am and exit by 6:30pm*


Enter after 10am and exit before 7pm*

$24 (was $35)

Enter after 4pm and exit before 4am the next day*

$21 (was $26)


Enter after 4am and exit before 8pm*

$20 (was $21)

Enter after 4pm and exit before 4am the next day*

$21 (was $26)

Sunday and Public Holidays

Day and Evening
Enter after 4am and exit before 4am the next day*

$20 (was $21)

*Overstay rates of $6 per hour or part thereof apply, to a daily maximum of $55
Lost ticket fee $55
All prices include GST
First 15 minutes free

Please note: Our car park has a height restriction of 1.9m.

Vehicles approaching Sturt Street from St Kilda Rd/Linlithgow Avenue can no longer turn right from Southbank Boulevard into Sturt Street. Access to the Arts Centre Melbourne Car Park from Southbank Boulevard is now via a right hand turn into Kavanagh Street.

Parking is available on the lower levels only, entry from Sturt Street. All cars exit the Arts Centre Melbourne Car Park onto Southbank Boulevard and must turn left. Exit onto Sturt street is currently closed until further notice. Thank you.

Valet Parking

Currently unavailable.

Permanent parking

Convenient and secure, permanent parking in the Arts Centre Melbourne car park gives you multiple 24/7 access for a contracted period at a great rate.

Currently offering discounted flexible permanent parking rates with new contactless access available.

Please see the FAQs at the bottom of the page for more information.

Contactless parking

We are now offering contactless payment and access to the car park. Download the Ubipark app for convenient and contactless access to our car park via your mobile phone.

Accessible parking

We have a number of clearly marked accessible parking bays (turn left after the entry gates) on the lower level of the Arts Centre Melbourne car park. Please display your valid Parking Permit for people with disability. Should you need assistance gaining access to St Kilda Rd, please call our Security team on 9281 8316.

Electric car charging

Parking is only available on lower level. As a result, our charging bays are currently unavailable for use.

Need somewhere to charge your electric vehicle for free while enjoying a performance with us?

The Arts Centre Melbourne car park is proud to offer two Delta Energy Systems Australia AC EV Chargers on the upper level, with no additional cost to utilise this efficient electric-vehicle charging equipment. The Delta AC Charger continues to lead in the EV charger market as the design is smart, light and small, with a four-hour charge to 80%.
More information about the Delta AC Charger

Please note: We currently do not have the capacity to charge some vehicles, including Tesla models. Standard car parking fees apply.

Conditions of entry

Important Conditions of Entry you should read before you use our car park.

Contact details

For further information on car parking, please phone (03) 9281 8012 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

The Arts Centre Melbourne car park operates on flat rates only - we do not have hourly rates. See information on our car parking page for details around rates at different times.

Arts Centre Melbourne's car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can get access to your parked vehicle at any time of the day or night.

For information on our rates and parking options, please refer to our car parking page.

Pedestrian access is via the stairs adjacent to the National Gallery of Victoria moat.

Arts Centre Melbourne car park entry is located on the corner of Sturt and Kavanagh Streets, Southbank. Our GPS address is 4 Sturt Street Southbank.
Our car park has a strict height restriction of 1.9m, so please only use our car park if your vehicle complies with this.

If you regularly use the car park, a Permanent Parking contract could save you money and guarantee a parking space. You will get your own parking card to gain access to the car park whenever you want.

To inquire about permanent parking, please email

You’re in luck, yes! Arts Centre Melbourne wants a clean, green world too, so we have installed charging stations. See information on our car parking page for more information.

Car Park - Arts Centre Melbourne

Location Address

4 Sturt St, Southbank VIC 3004

Contact Details

(03) 9281 8012

Open 24 hours

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