Beautiful Wasteland is a Melbourne-based sustainable fashion label, specialising in unique botanically dyed silk and wool scarves and garments.

Beautiful Wasteland Collections are born from a desire to infuse textiles with the beauty, mystery and wonder contained within the natural world.

Their botanically dyed scarves and garments are individually hand crafted in the natural spaces of the Dandenong ranges. The duo of artists gather leaves, flowers and vegetable matter, arrange these on the finest silk and softest Australian merino wool to create bespoke prints, patterns and natural colour.

Beautiful Wasteland is committed to sustainable production. Raw textiles are sourced from carbon neutral suppliers and their limited edition garments are Australian made, accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia or made in-house by their team. All colour is extracted from plant material and metal and all waste is composted.

Beautiful Wasteland scarves capture an experience of the Australian landscape, making them perfect gift to send abroad or return home with.

Experiential natural dyeing workshops are also offered by the artists.

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