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Australian native timbers and burls handcrafted into beautiful bowls, platters and ornamental pieces by Harold Pinto.

Harold creates bowls, platters and various ornamental pieces using Australian native timbers like River Red Gum, Jarrah, Coolabah, Mallee Eucalypts, Gidgee and Mulga.

Each piece is unique. Harold’s pieces make excellent gifts for special occasions, as well as great corporate gifts. The smaller pieces are in demand for people travelling overseas, as they are an “outside-the-box” way to share the beautiful landscape of Australia with friends and family.

Harold quit his full-time career to pursue his creative passions and life’s dreams and converted his garage into a workshop for this purpose.

He has been trading at the Arts Centre Melbourne Sunday Market for a number of years and feels honoured that his works are displayed and appreciated in homes around the world.

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0408 139 096

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