Arts for All Appeal

Little Wondrous Monkeys produces little wearable artworks using gemstones. "I play dress-ups with Gemstones for a job" says maker Mark Wigley.

Little Wondrous Monkeys Jewellery presents two classically beautiful and completely unique styles.

The Sterling Silver range features hand-cut designs from a flat piece of silver and a magnificent gemstone placed behind the design so it can be worn as a pendant or ring with the design showing and the gemstone 'peeking' through. Alternatively it can be reversed and worn as a purely wondrous gemstone. All pieces are hand-cut using a piercing saw with a blade that is .2mm wide.

The 'Rusted' mixed metal series features copper, brass, German silver and iron that is cut and welded together. Torch painting is then used to change the colours of the metals. Slightly resembling steampunk style, its appealing natural tones suit any age and any skin tone.

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